The Name of Jesus

Who is like our God?
In His Name "Jesus"
there is power and salvation
there is forgiveness and life
there is healing and glory

in His Name "Jesus"
nothing evil can stand
they flee because of His authority
because of His might and power

In His Name "Jesus"
there is great love and tenderness
mercies and compassions, they fail not
His love endures forever

Those who call upon the Name "Jesus" are saved
they pass over from death to life
He has the words of eternal life
to whom shall we go but to Him?

Those who believe on His Name "Jesus"
are clothed in righteousness
saved and sanctified and made holy
they become children of God
The Most High
The Holy One

All praise and thanksgiving be unto His Name
Praise be to Jesus
The Christ
The Son of the Living God!

by Julie Ryan (Dan Leitem's sister)